Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happiness is the Secret to All

We have a had a very busy week over here this week! Fun, but very busy! It was the last week of school so we were running kids everywhere! Austin had an awards assembly where he made mvp of his basketball team and Gabby graduated the sixth grade! First off lets start with some pictures from Gabby's day!
This was our lets copy Jeran pose

This was the last day of school for all the kids.  They were a little excited all day long! That night we had a family picnic at the park for Jeran's dad.  It was the anniversary of his passing away so we thought we would all get together in memory of him. Austin drove us there and he did well, but in the beginning we were all a little nervous. Well, we all had dinner and it turned into a big waterballoon fight! 

In other news there Austin got a haircut! Finally after years of trying to convince him to cut his hair he finally did it! And if I do say so myself he looks so good! 

Now we have Gabby's birthday party! We got to have some family over for her birthday! She got a bear just like mine! Mine is named Fernando and so she named her bear Juanita and they are now married! hah! 

all churched out