Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some fish, plants, and a few other things...

Well here it is! Another blog post! First of if no one else is counting down we sure are!
It happens Friday! It's so crazy to think that my brother will officially be a dad and that we will be welcoming two new people to our family! 

A couple of weeks ago Nick and I went with his little sister Hannah to go school clothes shopping in Idaho Falls. His mom met us there later and after lunch we ended up looking at the cutest little puppies. They had little Pomeranians which were giant fluff balls and little white schnauzers! Well we were petting them and thinking they were so cute when his mom bought one! Here she is! 
Her name is Bailey...so yes that does get confusing, but she is a really cute tiny dog! That doesn't stop her from being feisty though! We go visit her on Sundays and she is actually growing pretty fast! She loves playing with the cats. We are surprised the cat hasn't clawed her yet! 

So you remember in my last post we had a plant that Nick named Hans. Remember how he was slowly dying? Well, it's hard to say because I know how attached we all were, but Hans didn't survive despite our greatest efforts...
We tried everything with him, but I guess this just wasn't the place for him. Maybe he is happier wherever he is now. Last week we also went to our very first baseball game! It was a date night with Nick's coworkers and we had to have everything explained to us throughout the game. It was a fun experience though! 

On Saturday we had the whole day to ourselves and we actually had a lot of fun. We went to lunch at Costa Vida, played some phase ten (I won), and went walking around some stores. While we were in the stores Nick found some pretty stylish shoes. His face says it all! 

We also found some fun sunglasses

Later that night we went fishing at his parents pond. he caught two fish and well... I caught some moss and sticks...haha

Since yesterday was Labor Day Nick had the day off so it was time to run some errands and ultimately enjoy the day. We started out at the mall where we searched for a calendar because we really needed something to help us keep track of everything. Nick doesn't use it very much, but I love it! 

While we were in Idaho Falls we went over to petco to look at the different animals and we were looking at fish when we spotted these suckers! 

They were seriously 12-15  inches and there were two of them in the tank. Well, we really almost got them, but then realized we didn't know where we would keep them. We are thinking that one of our next purchases will be one of these fish. Nick really wants one! They are pretty cool too. 

While we were in Idaho Falls we went and saw Despicable Me 2 which was really cute! We ended the day with a trip to Winco to get some groceries. Well, I left Nick in charge of getting the hamburger. When he came over with the cart what was inside? A 10 pound thing of hamburger! Well, at least it will last us a while. He cam home and cut them into 1 pound sections and put them in little bags to freeze! Here is the result! 

Well there is our little update from our life. Nothing too exciting, but we try to stay busy! 
Next stop is Boise on Thursday for the wedding on Friday with a weekend long party with my family! Thanks for reading!