Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lanterns, Guitars, and some Fire

Ok, let's start this story. I like telling it and believe me I have told it plenty of times and I think everyone else likes it too.

Well, let's preface it with this. Nick and I had been talking about getting engaged for a while and we were thinking the end of March to get engaged. Well, A few weeks ago he told me it probably wouldn't be until the end of April....That's a good deal longer to wait. Well, I had to accept that because what was I going to do to change it? About a week before he proposed he asked if I would want to go on a double date with him and Garrett (His best friend) and I of course said sure.  I love our weekly date nights so let's add in one more date night. I asked him what we would be doing and he said that if the weather was nice that we would probably do a fire at the sand dunes. So, I said sure, but I didn't really care what the plan was for that day. I would be good with whatever. 

Well, The full week before he proposed I was working on this HUGE project for one of my classes and teaching my final lesson in the preschool so I guess you could say I wasn't in the best mood that week, but he was patient and helped me where he could. Then friday came and it was our date night so we went to the best of show on campus and then went to the Host which I was SUPER excited to see. I really liked it btw! Then Saturday came along and I was working on my big project all day (seriously all day from 8 in the morning to 8 at night). So, let's just say I wasn't very awake. I was brain dead from all the homework and i dyed my hands green from making play dough.... haha but don't worry it came off with some good scrubbing. 

Well, Nick called me and said he was on his way to come get me. Him and Garrett had just gone out to make sure their spot was saved. He came and got me, but I didn't say too much just because my brain was gone. It was good being there in the car with him though because I was finally able just to unwind from the day. Well, he said he needed to call Garrett to ask where to park just because there was a lot of people there. Little did I know that while he was on the phone with Garrett he lost connection with him so he just pretended to talk to him. We pulled up to the dunes and there were a lot of cars....but there was one other fire with two people around it...so that was a little confusing. 

We grabbed all the stuff from the trunk and started heading over to the spot where the fire was. Nick said that Garrett and his date were stargazing on the other side of the dune. So we set up the stuff around the fire and sat down to wait for them to come back over. While we were waiting Nick asked me if I wanted him to play a song. I said sure, but didn't think anything of it just because I ask him to play guitar for me quite a bit so it wasn't out of the ordinary.  Then he asked if I wanted him to play a new one. Of course I said yes, but he never does he just tricks me.  This was the real deal though! He started playing and I didn't know the song at first, but then he started singing it and it was Marry Me by Train. My heart took off. It was beating so fast because I knew what this was.  I was shaking so so bad. Well, he finished and then got down on one knee. He was pulling something out of his pocket and asked me if I knew what it was. I said no and he showed me. It was a zip tie....now before I continue on in this story that zip tie does mean something. It is our joke that we have together.  he once told me that he didn't know if he would have the money for a while to get the ring and he said he might have to resort to prostitution (jokingly of course!) and I said no no you can just get me a zip tie.  We joked about it from then on out. So he asked if I would marry him with the zip tie first and once I said yes he was like ok here is the real thing! Haha it was good. I was shaking so so bad. 

Then we went to the top of the dune where a lot of people were waiting for us. They were going to set off these lanterns like the ones in Tangled, but they couldn't get the lighters to work so they weren't going off, but we got to light them and send them off afterwards which was actually a lot of fun! I was in shock at the whole thing!! I had no clue at all! But everyone else did! 

Well, I am working on uploading the video of him singing, but until then I am going to post this picture. And if I can't post the video of him singing I would be more than willing to share it with people in person!