Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Trip Across America!! ... Well, not quite...

So this past Wednesday night we left for Salt Lake to catch a flight out to Tulsa Oklahoma on Thursday to go get our new car!! We were going to make it a two day trip just to get back, but we decided to split up the driving on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so we could enjoy the trip and the scenery as well. So, first was the ride down to Utah...we were going to leave at 5:00pm, but the ride we got from the ride board showed up late and so we ended up getting to our hotel at midnight...which wouldn't have been a big deal except for we had to wake up at 3:30am the next morning to catch our flight at 6:00am. Oh, on the way down we drove in this car that seemed pretty good sized except for the back seat was sooooo cramped and Nick and I aren't exactly tiny people.... So that was interesting oh and the fact that they were playing really strange music...they were just different people, but nice people. Get ready for a long post! Sorry guys!

So, where do I start? Well, I guess I could just start with a picture from the airplane...
Now that picture is nothing special, but since the flight was at 6:00am I was able to see the sunrise from the airplane. Of course this isn't a picture of that, but just thought I would mention it. 

Next up an adorable picture of my brand new cousin in Missouri! We got to meet this cutie for the first time at just four months old! Meet Estella! She has the chubbiest cheeks and the most mellow personality. I wouldn't mind having one just like her. 

It was so fun for us to be out there and see my family, but we had to be on the move to get to where we needed to be before it got too late! We ended up leaving at around 1 in the afternoon. 
First pic in our new car: 
First stop was Kansas City Missouri! We drove through and then stopped for a while at the aquarium. This city was pretty big, but it had some cool stuff going on! 

These were giant crab! They are called Japanese Spider Crab! They are so huge! The picture doesn't do it justice.

There is a manta ray in the bottom right corner floating underneath our feet. 

Look very closely and that weird fuzzy thing that kind of looks like a's a shark!! 

Check it out! This fish has donkey teeth! 

Welcome to Union Station! 

This place was huge!!

We decided it was about time to eat dinner and so we walked around for a little bit and decided to stop and eat at Fritz's Railroad Restaurant. So it is kinda crazy. There is a phone that is on the table and you pick up the phone to place your order. Then your order comes above you on a train track. The train drops off your food to your table in a basket! Pretty neat! This was the best picture I could take. 
So in one night we drove all the way across Kansas...Not even kidding... Ya know let me put a picture of our drive just so you can see. 
Ok, so there it is folks the drive we made, but actually a pretty good drive if you ask us! So anyways we drove across Kansas in a night and stayed in a place called Burlington, Colorado for the first night! We got into Burlington at around 1am, but with the time change from Missouri it felt like 2am. No big though! The interesting thing was that it seemed all of Kansas was on fire....we thought it was just crops at first, but then saw that there was much more on fire. Here is a video we took:

Yeah....good stuff I suppose. Hmmm...what next... Oh so driving across Colorado we decided to stop at this place called "Wonder Tower" we found it off this app called road trippers... I recommend it. It helps you find cool places to stop along the way on your trips. Anyways, we decided to stop there just out of interest I think it was in Genoa or something like that. It was supposed to have a two headed cow and a twelve legged pig,,,weird right, but you gotta see the sights when you are out. Well, it was closed down and even if it was open I don't think we would've gone inside....Take a peek and you'll know why. 

Now looking at this place would you have gone in if it was open??? I don't think so! So the story goes that the owner died and now they don't know what to do with the place....Well, I think the animals were dead that we were going to look at so good thing we didn't see anything....also pretty sure that guy haunts the place...but no big right?! yeah we turned right around!

Next stop Denver...haha for another aquarium, but this one was much much MUCH bigger! 

This fish was GIANT not even joking! The comparison with that head shadow is legit! 

We got there just in time for the mermaid show...pretty cool

Just doing what the fish do...these were pirannhas

These were Nick's favorite

Touching a little manta ray! These little guys were not shy! 

Final stop of the day was dinner and since we were at the aquarium we decided to eat dinner in the aquarium diner. Great food! And great seats for the night! 

Food was fantastic! Nick tried lobster for the first time and loved it. I had all different kinds of shrimp which was great...they even had this bacon wrapped shrimp was so good, but really rich! 

Well, we needed to get on the road again to make it to the next stop which was Clifton, Colorado so it was back on the road driving through beautiful Colorado. We even drove through a tunnel. 

After a good nights rest in Colorado we headed onward to driving through Utah and what better place to stop than the temple! It was a beautiful Sunday so it made it even better! 

This was probably one of the funnest trips we have taken! It was planned on a whim and that made it even better! We love our car and now we are taking a week off of school before the next semester begins on Monday. My family is coming into town this weekend to drop off Skye for school and they will stay for Nick's birthday on Saturday. Then we have Easter. Skye even put in her mission papers a couple of days ago! things are staying exciting and busy! 

Oh before you go I thought I would share a buffalo chicken dip recipe that we absolutely love here! 

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
1/2 cup of franks hot sauce(Buffalo)
1/2 cup of ranch
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese
2 10oz cans of chicken
Mash it all together
Then spread into a 9X9 pan or 7X11 sprayed with cooking spray
Top with cheese
Put it in the oven for 20 mins or until the cheese is really bubbling. 
Enjoy with chips! 

We love it and hope you will too!

Have a great weekend everyone and look for a birthday post coming soon your way!