Friday, February 3, 2012

Lobsters, Sunsets, and Cupcakes! :)

Back in December it was Chase's Birthday so we went to McGraths Fish House and Chase absolutely LOVES lobster.  So, that's what he ordered and he got to go pick one out.  It was a creepy thing when they brought it out.  It still had its eyes so it was pretty much just staring at me throughout dinner......yeah...... They also had him take a picture with a fish hat on and making a fish face. Pretty silly kid :) Gotta love him!

On my way home to Boise one weekend the sun was setting and it was really pretty.  I took some pictures while I was a safe way....haha anyways it was much better in person, but these pictures will have to do :)
And finally! This lovely friday night me, kiva, and Hannah took a little trip to the Cocoa Bean and I'm pretty sure that's the best idea we have had in a while.  It was delicious and the cupcakes were great! They even had red velvet which is my favorite!


  1. Fun stuff! Was that sunset in December? I think I remember it, it was amazing!!! And dang, those cupcakes look delish.

  2. This one was in January, but I think I remember the one in December too! They were soooo good!

  3. hey, do they have a Cocoa Bean in Boise? Those look heavenly!!!!

    1. No they don't! I wish! If you want me to bring you one though I am coming home Presidents Day weekend and I could bring it to you :)