Thursday, August 30, 2012

Summer Wrap Up!

So it's been a while since I last posted anything on here so I'm going to put everything that has happened since my last post so it'll be a little long sorry for that. 

First off we had our Cluff Family Reunion. Every year we have family skits and our family did a skit that was pretty funny.  My computer is having trouble uploading the video so maybe sometime else I'll try uploading it again.  Our skit was a dance, but midget style so Gabby was the feet and body while my mom her stood behind her was the arms and then Teil was the arms for Skye and I was the arms for Austin.  It was a really funny skit so I hope I can upload it soon.  Well, I do have some pictures from our reunion that are here. :)
On our way up to the reunion we were driving through mountain home and there was a huge fire! 

These were the back of our shirts :)

These were the front of our shirts 

Shawn loved giving her kisses! 

Happy Birthday Grandpa! 

Cousin hug side 1 

Cousin hug side 2 





capture the flag team 1 

team 2 

jail :( 

Our family! Missing troy, nathan and mickie and family, and alex, and john

Soon after family reunion I went to Utah to visit my cousin at byu and pick up Jordan to bring her back to Boise :) We had a lot of fun. Not sure what Sidney's friends thought of us though! On our way home Jordan and I stopped off at Lagoon and spent a little while there.  We went on the sky coaster and it was a lot of fun!

Jordans hand came outta no where! 

After my trip to Utah Hannah came back from Rexburg and I picked her up to take her to Melba! It was so good seeing her! Alli also came through Boise on her way to an Alaskan cruise! She stayed the night and we had some good talks! Got us looking forward to fall semester and all the fun we are going to have! 

Now it is the final trip of my summer.  Nathan and Mickie couldn't make it to our family reunion, but they came by a few weeks after to visit everyone.  I went back to Kentucky with them for two weeks! It was so much fun and just nice to get out of Idaho for a while.  I love that side of the country! The drive was around 30 plus hours, but we all made it pretty sane I think :) Our one night in the car and the girls crashed out in the middle seat.  

The Louisville Kentucky Temple 

We went to Costco and Elijah liked that the bear was taller than him.  Crazy to think we have three of these bears in our house.

The last night I was in Kentucky me and my uncle went downtown and walked around
I saw a lot of different things from this troll to some hookers and some weird
statues that people tie their bikes up to.  It was pretty cool to see everything. 

A beautiful sunset :)

My first weekend in kentucky we went to this amusement park in Ohio called Kings Island
It was so much fun! There were about 80 rollercoasters and the ones we were able to go on were awesome!
I also got to go on the longest wooden rollercoaster in the world and that was a blast!
The kids found some of the charlie brown clan and took some pictures with them! 

I love these guys :)
I miss Kentucky and the people I met and my family there a lot! I know I'll be back soon though! 

Now that I'm back we decided it was due time for some family pictures. So this past sunday we went to Kathryn Albertson Park and took some family pictures.  Tiana took these for us and they are great! We had a lot of fun taking them! 

I got stung by a bee :(

Does this explain why our family is the way it is? :)

So as you can see we had a lot of fun with our pictures :) Again sorry for the length of the post! I'll keep up on it better!  I leave for school in a week and then it'll be on to another year of school and a new chapter of life.  Updates will come along with that :)


  1. Hailey!!!! It looks like you had so much fun this summer! I'm jealous! I'm excited to create amazing memories in the fall...we're gonna have a blast! LOVE YOU!

  2. What a fun summer for you!! It was such a blast to hang out with you and just get to visit so much. Your family is hilarious and I had fun being at the park with all of you. Good luck at school, I'm excited for you!! You rock!