Thursday, August 15, 2013

Another Wedding Day! And life updates!

Well, we have started the countdown for yet another wedding. Mhm! Another!

Teil and Ali are getting married in 22 days! We are sooooo excited for them! Marriage is really the best! You get to spend all of your time with your best friend and I know they will love that. I am really excited because when Nick and I go we can just relax and actually eat the food and party it up without being center of attention! It's the BEST! 

Now for an update on married life... I let Nick cook some hamburgers for dinner one night on the foreman grill and this is what happened... 
With practice it can only get better right? Don't get me wrong they still tasted great, but they don't look the best haha. 

We went to visit his parents one night and we got there to see that one of their goats had two babies!!! They are so stinking cute. They are only 4 hours old in this picture and they were already moving all over the place. 

Yesterday was a rough day for me for different reasons, but I just have to say I have a husband that cannot be beat! He came home from work and just listened to me talk for 2 hours...seriously! He also brought me these! 
Yup I love him! 
Ok ok one final update before I sign off for the day! Nick's mom gave us this plant... Nick lovingly named him Hans and well when we first got him he was pretty happy and perky well... I guess we don't know how to take care of him because this is what he looks like now. 

So don't think we neglect him because we don't! You would think that after working in a flower shop with all of these plants and flowers I would be able to keep this little guy alive, but I swear he is from another planet or something! He hangs out by our sink and we give him we thought he might want some sun, but he didn't want that we brought him back in with hopes that he would come back alive, but he still looks like this. One can only hope he will get better right? 

Well that's our update for now! We are headed to bear lake this weekend for his grandma's birthday so that should be fun! Everyone have a great rest of your week! Until next time! 

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  1. How good to hear from you! You look so good! Glad you guys are doing well; see you at the wedding! :)