Friday, March 28, 2014

Long time!

So, it's been a long time. Honestly I don't even know where to begin. Things have been pretty busy around here, but it is all slowing down soon.... I hope anyways! Hmmm where to begin...well I guess I can begin with we sold Nick's car. It was an 2001 Audi A4 and it was really nice, but it started getting kind of funny and we don't have money to make all of the maintenance on it so we decided to sell it. Well, we have been saving and saving and now we are buying our first car together! It is a 2006 Acura TL! :) Nick is stoked to say the least. Here is a picture of our soon to be car.

Now you are probably looking at this thinking well what about that big piece missing out of the front bumper?? No we aren't stupid...yes we did buy a broken car, but my uncle works on cars and is making this baby look like new! Yup, so we get a sweet car at discounted price :) Check out the inside 

Now the thing that I am probably the most excited about is the screen! Do you see that! It is great! So in about a week and a half or so we will be getting our new car all nice and updated. 

A while back we took a trip to Jackson Hole. I had never been before so we just woke up one morning and decided to go. On our way there we saw some ice sculptures! They were melting in the sun, but they were still pretty cool. At Jackson Hole we saw a lot of cool things and ate some good food! 

Another thing that happened most recently was Nick's brother returned from his mission. We all went to Salt Lake City to pick him up. It was a a lot of fun to see him. He had never seen Nick and I married so I'm sure he had to get used to that. 

Last weekend I took a trip to Utah for a Early childhood Conference. It was so much fun. It was a three day trip. We took time to look at different preschools and centers. We ate good food and went shopping...good times! 

And last, but not least Austin came to stay with us during his spring break. I hope he isn't too bored, but it has been a lot of fun having him! 

Now it is getting into finals week which is extra busy! We still find time to have fun though. I got an override next semester so where I'm usually off I will be taking classes and doing my internship all while keeping my job as a secretary. I can see the finish line though! One more year and I've got a degree in hand! Have a great weekend with lots of sunshine and smiles! 

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  1. Love it! Good to hear from you and see the fun things you've been up to. You and Nick are one of the funnest couples I know! Good luck with finals.