Monday, May 12, 2014

A nice little break from the week.

Before we jump in you may notice something new about the blog! There is a new page with insights from my favorite classes and doctrine principles I feel important to address. Go ahead and click! There may be something you feel needs to be shared and ideas are always welcome:)

April 19th was Nick's birthday and I totally did not even post about it, but I will now! His favorite cake is raspberry cheesecake and so I was able to learn how to make that for his birthday and if I don't say so myself it was actually really good! He got some fun things like board games, a tent, some gift cards, exhaust thingy...yeah I got him that, but it was what he really wanted even though to me it looked like a piece of metal...he was really excited! Oh and the hat and sunglasses are the best part.

He found out it was the exhaust thing

It was a really fun birthday to say the least! Then two weekends ago Skye, Hannah(Nick's Sister), Nick, and me we all went to Mesa Falls just for fun. 

So, that was a fun little weekend. Now it is back onto homework, tests, and projects with little time for anything in between. Hopefully this week Skye will be getting her mission call and we will be Boise bound for the weekend. Hmm....I feel like I am forgetting something, but I think that is everything! Have a great week and stay tuned for the mission place and mission pictures! Woot woot! Stay classy ;)

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