Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Reunion

Once a year our whole family gets together for a family reunion. Things can get pretty crazy, but a lot of fun! This year we took a trip to rattlesnake campground which is by lowman. We have been to that campground before and it is a lot of fun! The first night is pretty relaxing. We have dinner, a grandma and grandpa craft, family trivia and family home evening. Me and some other cousins added something new by trying to throw Jordan into the river..... unsuccessful. The next day its a lot of games and doing whatever we want. We have crafts and games.....and a delicious snack table. The last day is crafts again.... hah.... family pictures and packing. Finally we say goodbye :( , but we know we will be back next year. So here are our moments captured in pictures :)

6 door truck my uncle built! It has a train horn!

This is the face of trouble!

Uncle erik seeing if he can still skate board

Baby Eva!

Me and Maddi

Me, Maddi, and Sidney

Morning hair!

The original six cluff kids

Charlies angels sisters


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  1. That looks like so much fun!!!! Your family is awesome! :D