Monday, October 10, 2011

The college life!

Well, its been interesting getting used to being a college kid and an adult in charge of myself. I've been having a blast though! Me and my roommate get along really well and just goof around all the time. Sometimes its hard to get our homework done but we manage. In this little po dunk town its hard to find things to do so we have to be creative. One day last week when it was pouring down rain and snow and the wind was crazy horrible we walked to jimmy johns and it was their customer appreciation day so they had subs for a dollar!! it was great! We also play just dance and play out in the rain! Me and Allison took the birthday streamers off the ceiling from jennifers birthday and wore them like we were warriors and then splashed around in the rain outside. We were really red and cold when we got back in! Saturday we went to a dance on campus! Dances here are crazy! They are non stop upbeat music with crazy disco balls lights and smoke! They are a lot of fun though! Also it snowed kinda crazy a few days in a row so here are some pictures of that too. It was kinda freezing!!!! Anyways I'll try to stay more updated on this it is just super busy here!! Hah I'm trying to keep up!

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  1. Hailey! It looks like you're having a blast!! That all sounds so fun, and I might even be slightly jealous. :)Keep up the hard work/the fun/the blog updates. And try to stay warm! :)