Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Welcome to Finals Week...and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor!

So, it's the last week of the semester and I am allowing my brain a small break before it explodes from the overload of information it is being forced to keep...yup it does that to ya! With all the finals going on things get a bit crazy... not to mention we have white glove check for our apartment coming up at the end of the week which means our apartment has to be spotless! It looks like some really late nights are ahead of me.  Before we get into all that lets talk about how we try to keep our spirits up during all of this. Rexburg has some gorgeous sunsets and this one imparticular was so beautiful... the picture does not do it justice.

Well, it is the Christmas season and I think there might be some mistletoe around here somewhere...

Nick and I also took a trip to Mesa Falls which is about 40 minutes from Rexburg.  It was super pretty. Cold but a lot of fun.  Also I am dating a goofball but its so much fun! 

Now to how damaging finals can be... We fall asleep in weird places and in weird positions... we need to get rest somewhere right?!

This is in a chapel in a building on campus...at least its quiet!

Ok so I'm sure you've seen the keep calm and... posters.  Well here are a few made by Alli my roommate and they are all individualized.  
This is for our roommate Heidi who absolutely loves this song. 

For me obviously

For our roommate Jenna.. Her boy :)

Brittanie.. She is from Georgia and she loves it

Alli... off of this youtube video

Our roommate Lisa...She is sort of a hippie so she gets the recycle. 

At least we can still have a sense of humor during finals! No worries though! I will make it through this week and then I'll be home for Christmas break by the weekend and then on to new adventures! I'll keep ya posted! Have a great rest of your week!


  1. You are so pretty, and you and Nick look like you have great adventures together! Did it feel like that semester went fast? Well, good luck with this last crazy week of finals - you're almost there! Sounds like we'll be seeing you soon, yay!! :D

    1. Thanks! It went by so fast! I'll be seeing you soon :)