Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Walkin' in a winter wonderland

Rexburg has had quite the snowfall for a few weeks now.  I think the worst of it came last night through today. I would leave my car parked in a parking lot for 2 hours at the most and come out and have it completely covered in snow! This morning was the worst! I went out to start my car so I could get to class on time.  Turns out it decided to continue snowing through the night. The snow was up past the bottom of my door on my car! Crazy! Just as I was about to go start my car there was a girl right across the parking lot from me trying to get her car to reverse out of the parking lot. Well, after seeing her failing attempts to leave I got into my car a little discouraged and freezing from the snow I had to step in to get there. I got into my car and put it into reverse... to my surprise and happiness it reversed out of the parking spot with ease. Now it was time to make an attempt to leave the parking lot.  I was feeling good... just going down the dip to leave when yup you guessed it I got stuck! Great.. what a perfect spot to get stuck, right where people come and go. Well, I put it back into reverse and backed up got a little moment to go forward and made it out onto the main street.  Now the task was not to get stuck going up the hill past the temple and to the Clarke building.  Good news was I made it there, bad news was there were many people getting stuck and sliding around up and down that hill. Talk about danger! It's like people don't how to work a snowplow in this town. Anyways, there is still snow piled up everywhere, in some spots it's higher than me. I need all the luck I can get here. There are plenty of drivers from other states that don't get snow that don't know how to drive in it driving here. Oh goody! Make sure you all stay safe and warm in this crazy weather!

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