Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting Tired Yet?!

Well here we are onto a few more days of February! Seems like it is going by pretty fast. Well, we are onto

Day 10:
This is Natalie's stuffed goat, but her pet none the less. She loves him and he is always there for her. Just how a pet should be! 

Day 11: 
This is the quote that I picked. I like it a lot. Sometimes I need to be a better listener to it though. I can't do everything and not everything will go the way that I want it to, but in the end it will go the way it is supposed to go.

Day 12:
Well, this isn't a picture of an actual smile, but I hope that it will make you smile!  This is a picture that my brothers set me after I left Boise one time and they were doing facials so they could look their best when they saw me next. haha what weirdos! 

Day 13: 
So sadly I do not have a picture of a stranger, but I see strangers doing good deeds around here all the time. Whether it is holding open a girls door or helping someone pick up stuff after they have dropped it. Look around to see all the good things strangers are doing around you! 

Have a fantastic day!! 

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