Saturday, February 9, 2013

Going on with the Challenge

So, yup as guessed and assumed by me and probably many I fail at doing a daily blog update, but life just gets busy ya know. So, I just decided to update here and there with a few days of the challenge. So, today will be two days of the challenge.

Day 8: 
This was the best picture I could find of an embrace, but I really like this picture. 

Day 9: 
Ok let's get the sappiness going :) 

Ok, Nick is the someone that I love. Shocker right?! Haha well it's hard to really pinpoint what love is and what it feels like, I think about that all the time, but really what it comes down to for me is all who they are, all that they are not, all that they want to be, and that they are trying their best to be the best person for you. It goes both ways you need to be the best person for them too. Together this relationship should help you build and grow together. Some reasons, not all, that I love Nick is he teaches me new things. For example he was teaching me to play guitar and he was super patient and helpful in doing it. I also have so much fun with him. We always have a blast no matter what we are doing. Finally, for the last picture the quote says it all. He knows me better than so many people. Amazing. Ok sappiness over. :)

Ok, wanna see a couple of funny things? I think you do so here ya go! 

This is Natalie late at night up past her bedtime... haha she gets a little crazy when she stays up too late, but that's just how we like her! 

I saw this and laughed so hard and thought it completely applied to BYU-I. That is seriously the big topic here that all the girls talk about! I want to get married, I'm not married yet, when will I find the right person. Yup you hear this and so much more! Well, everyone enjoy your day! 

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